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Hermead - Science of Hermes

Editions of the 26-Volume Set 4.25x6.88


Hermes - $2.99

Lyre Of Hermes - Hermes invents the lyre, sandals, helmet, and wand, and helps Zeus overthrow Titanos and take control of the land around Olympos Mountain. Hermes teaches boys to play the lyre and sing stories. When he is old, he falls in a river and drowns. Lyre of Hermes has 1,900 lines of blank verse.


Prometheus - $3.99

Fire Of Prometheus - Helikos who renames himself Prometheus fights against his father Iapetos and uncle Dios Tyrannos who try to enslave a tribe of primitive men. Prometheus teaches men how to use fire, and falls in love with Hesione. He sails away with his wife and son after a flood to find a new land where he dies. Fire of Prometheus has 4,110 lines of blank verse.


Kadmos - $3.99

Alphabet Of Kadmos - Kadmos searches for his abducted sister Europe, falls in love with Harmonia, and founds the city of Kadmeia which was later renamed Thebes. Along the way he teaches people how to use the alphabet, a new idea for preserving thoughts. He goes with his wife to Illyria where they die from a snake bite. Alphabet Of Kadmos has 3,974 lines of blank verse.


Asklepios - $2.99

Healing Of Asklepios - Asklepios learns to heal bodies, founds a hospital, falls in love with Epione, and teaches their children healing arts. He travels to Teukria during the Trojan War to find his murdered sons and is killed for healing people. Healing Of Asklepios has 1,270 lines of blank verse.


Hesiodos - $3.99

Chaos of Zethos Hesiodos - Zethos learns how to compose tales from three Muses of Mount Helikon who name him Hesiodos, charming voice. Hesiodos and the three muses travel, performing songs, but he rescues a girl from a sacrifice, and they visit Delphoi where he loses a contest to Apollon, then travels to Naupaktos where he has a son, but dies a tragic death. Chaos of Zethos Hesiodos has 2,400 lines of blank verse.


Thales - $3.99

Water Of Thales - Thales finds a magnet in the Bay of Ikaros and begins to wonder about the nature of the substance that forms everything. Traveling to Sais in Aigyptos, Thales attends school, learning geography, but discovers the Goddess Neith has been replaced by a gold statue. After visions about the nature of the universe in the desert, Thales finds Neith and restores her to her position as goddess. Returning home to Miletos, Thales founds a school to teach his new Monist philosophy. After he predicts an eclipse and overthrows a cannibal priest, Thales dies of old age with his wife and daughter at his side. Water Of Thales has 4,114 lines of blank verse.


Anaximandros - $3.99

Map Of Anaximandros - Anaximandros learns about the origin of life from his priestess mother. When he goes with her to the Temple of Apollon for a festival, he meets an old cartographer who teaches him the art of making maps. Anaximandros and his father embark on a voyage around the Sea of Aigaia to create a more accurate map, where he meets three descendants of the Goddess Artemis. After saving the people of Sparta from an earthquake, Anaximandros accepts an invitation from Artemis to construct his world map, and they fall in love and have a daughter. After losing Artemis in a tragic accident, Anaximandros returns home to Miletos where he meets Thales and helps him found a school. Leading a group of colonists to the Sea of Astraia, Anaximandros raises two children and dies of old age while wandering lost in the woods. Map Of Anaximandros has 3,392 lines of blank verse.


Pythagoras - $5.99

Measurement Of Pythagoras - Pythagoras grows up on Samos then goes to Miletos to study at the new Monist school of Thales where he learns to look at the world as a measureable geometric construct. Thales sends him to Aigyptos where he attends a school of wisdom and learns geometry. Returning to Miletos, Pythagoras returns to Aigyptos where he is captured and sent to Babylon where he learns astronomy, then returns home to Miletos where he runs a small school, but war causes him to flee again. After meeting his mother in Delphoi, Pythagoras flees again to Krete where he is initiated into the Cult of Zeus, then leads a colony to Kroton in southern Italia where he establishes a school to teach geometry. After years of teaching, Pythagoras and his school is attacked, so he flees to a Temple of Apollon in Melapontion. Refusing to eat, Pythagoras commissions his daughter to establish the school of Druids, then dies of grief. Measurement Of Pythagoras has 8,552 lines of blank verse.


Herakleitos - $3.99

Change Of Herakleitos - Herakleitos assists his mother Artemis, and falls in love with Tethys, then flees to the cave of the Oracle. After studying at the schools of Hermes and Homeros, Herakleitos studies at school of Monism. When he returns to Ephesos, his sister the new Artemis appoints him as a priest in the Artemision where he works until he marries Pronoe and teaches his son philosophy. Change Of Herakleitos has 4,214 lines of blank verse.


Parmenides - $2.99

Forms Of Parmenides - Parmenides learns about letters from Xenophanes, then studies with Ameinias at the school of Pythagoras. Aletheia sends a chariot which takes him to the Museum where he learns about geometry. After studying geometry under Aletheia, Parmenides writes laws and teaches his theory of forms to young students. Forms Of Parmenides has 1,812 lines of blank verse.


Anaxagoras - $3.99

Mind Of Anaxagoras - Anaxagoras learns about Monism from Hermotimos. After his teacher is murdered, Anaxagoras travels to Miletos to study Monism, then to Babylon to study astronomy. Finding his farm a waste land on his return, he travels to Athens where he founds a school and teaches philosophy to Perikles. Accused of blasphemy, he escapes to found a new school of philosophy in Lampsakos. Mind Of Anaxagoras has 2,832 lines of blank verse.


Empedokles - $3.99

Roots Of Empedokles - Empedokles studies at the school of Pythagoras in Akragas. After he overthrows a tyrant, he reigns as a priest-king for many years, teaching philosophy, and then attempts to become a god by jumping in Aitne volcano. Roots Of Empedokles has 2,784 lines of blank verse.


Leukippos - $3.99

Atoms Of Leukippos - Leukippos explores along Maiandros River, then attends the school of Monism in Miletos. Fleeing for his life after a political revolution, he travels with his father to Elea in Italia where he attends the school of Parmenides. After visiting the Tomb of Orpheus near Mount Olympos, he travels to Abdera and founds a school to teach philosophy. Atoms Of Leukippos has 3,778 lines of blank verse.


Philolaos - $3.99

Orbit Of Philolaos - Philolaos grows up attending the school of Pythagoras in Italia, but the Pythagoreans flee to Taras when Neptunus attacks. While visiting Naupaktos, he meets a descendant of Hesiodos and copies the Theogonia. While visiting Delphoi, he rescues Thetis from slavery, and they travel together to Korinthos. Joining the new school of Pythagoras in Phleious, he teaches philosophy to many new students. Returning to Taras, he establishes a school where he meets Arkhytas, and then attempts to reestablish the school of Pythagoras in Kroton. Orbit Of Philolaos has 3,664 lines of blank verse.


Demokritos - $4.99

Void Of Demokritos - Demokritos grows up in Abdera where he studies with the Khaldaian magician Ostanes. After Ostanes dies in the cave of Orpheus, he studies with the philosopher Leukippos, and learns about his new concept of Atoms, uncuttable particles that constitute everything that exists. Traveling to Athens to study with Anaxagoras, Demokritos studies with Philolaos instead, then travels to Miletos where he studies Monism at the school of Thales. Demokritos travels to Aigyptos where he meets Suryathi who takes him to her homeland India where he studies the atomist philosophy of Kashyapa Kanada. Traveling together, Demokritos and Suryathi visit Ur and Babylon, where they meet Artaxerxes, then must escape a priest angry about his philosophy of atoms. After meeting Sabazios in Kappadokia, they arrive home in Abdera where he continues the school of Leukippos until his death. Void Of Demokritos has 4,352 lines of blank verse.


Platon - $5.99

Ideas Of Aristokles Platon - Platon hangs out with his brother, listening to Sokrates talk about philosophy, and is inspired to write dialogs that star the Silenian gadfly who questions everything in his search for wisdom. After Sokrates is tried, convicted, and executed for blasphemy, Platon flees Athens with his friends, sailing to Megara, Kyrene, Aigyptos, and Taras, Italia where he attends various schools to learn geometry and astronomy. While in Taras Platon is invited to Sikelia to teach philosophy to the tyrant Dionsysios who sells him as a slave, so he has to fight as a gladiator in Kyrene where his friends buy his freedom. Returning to Athens, Platon establishes the Akademia and teaches philosophy of Ideas to a growing coterie of brilliant thinkers and students. Platon goes twice to Sikelia to teach philosophy to Dionsysios II but fails to convince him to be a philosopher-king. On his deathbed, Platon passes the Akademia to his nephew. Ideas Of Aristokles Platon has 8,310 lines of blank verse.


Aristoteles - $4.99

Causes Of Aristoteles - Aristoteles explores with his friend Philippos, whose father is king of Makedonia, then goes to see his father who is a doctor at the court hospital, but his father is dying. His uncle sends him to Athens where he studies at the Akademia of Platon for twenty years, exploring nature with his friends. When Aristoteles is passed over as head of the Akademia, he travels with his friend Hermias to Aiolis where his father is king. Aristoteles falls in love with Pythias, and they spend several years exploring the flora and fauna of Lesbos Island with Theophrastos. After Hermias is killed by the Persians, Aristoteles takes his family to Makedonia where he becomes tutor for young Alexandros and his friends. Philippos and his father form the League of Korinthos, and Aristoteles founds a philosophy school in the Lykeion in Athens while Alexandros conquers the world. After Alexandros dies, Aristoteles flees for his life to Euboia where he dies. Causes Of Aristoteles has 6,912 lines of blank verse.


Demetrios Phalereus - $2.99

Library Of Demetrios Phalereus - Demetrios escapes Athens where he ruled for 10 years and arrives after a shipwreck in Alexandria where Ptolemaios Soter appoints him the task to build and operate a Museum as a philosophy school and a library. Demetrios builds the famous Library of Alexandria which attracts students from all over the known world who study astronomy, physics, and literature. Library Of Demetrios Phalereus has 1,548 lines of blank verse.


Epikouros - $5.99

Garden Of Epikouros - Epikouros grows up attending school on Samos Island, then attends military training in Athens where he meets and marries Eleuthia in the Eleusinion at the Panathenaea Festival. Epikouros studies philosophy in Rhodes and Teos, then teaches at the Lyceum in Mytilene where he clashes with the Platonists who send a mob to kill him. Escaping in the night, Epikouros sails to Lampsakos where he founds his first school of Atomism, then takes a group of followers to Athens where he founds the Kepidion, his garden school of philosophy. Garden Of Epikouros has 8,008 lines of blank verse.


Arkhimedes - $3.99

Spheres Of Arkhimedes - Arkhimedes grows up in Syracuse, learning astronomy from his father. Arkhimedes sails to Alexandria where he attends the famous Museum. After inventing the screw pipe for watering farm fields, Arkhimedes returns to Syracuse where he invents various machines to defend the city against Roman attack. Assigned the task to determine if a crown is all gold or diluted with silver, Arkhimedes discovers the principles of displacement and buoyancy in floating bodies. Spheres Of Arkhimedes has 4,280 lines of blank verse.


Ktesibios - $2.99

Organ Of Ktesibios - Ktesibios works as a hair cutter in Alexandria where he invents an adjustable mirror which leads to his realization that air is a substance which whistles when blowing through a pipe. After inventing the organ, Ktesibios joins the Museum of Alexandria where he teaches and writes books about pneumatics. Organ Of Ktesibios has 1,510 lines of blank verse.


Eratosthenes - $4.99

Parallels Of Eratosthenes - Eratosthenes lives in Kyrene where his mother and father perform, but, after his mother dies in a tragic accident, his father returns to work in construction. Traveling to attend school in the famous Museum of Alexandria, Eratosthenes becomes fascinated with geography. Eratosthenes studies astronomy, geography, and cartography, and gathers geographic information about the world from sailors at temples on the docks. Sailing to attend school in Athens, Eratosthenes is shipwrecked in Delos Island where he meets an exiled priestess of Athena. Arriving in Athens, Eratosthenes is driven away from the Academia and studies at the Gymnasium instead. Ptolemaios Euergetes appoints him Head of the Museum of Alexandria where he teaches philosophy and measures the size of the globe. Parallels Of Eratosthenes has 5,434 lines of blank verse.


Krates - $3.99

Globe Of Krates - Krates fishes with his father who tells him the history of their nation. Hearing a philosopher speak, he wants to attend their school, but his father insists he will be a priest. Their tribe is attacked and they all destroy each other in a war, then Krates meets and marries a girl from the opposing clan. Krates studies with Diogenes who sends him to establish a school in Pergamon where he works for King Eumenes who appoints him the task to operate a library to rival the one in Alexandria. Sent to Roma on a mission, Krates breaks his leg, and lectures on linguistics and philosophy while he recovers. Returning to Pergamon, Krates develops the production of parchment and operates the library to the end of his days. Globe Of Krates has 3,906 lines of blank verse.


Hipparkhos - $3.99

Astrolabe Of Hipparkhos - Hipparkhos attends the Winter Festival of Giving in Nikaia where his father is a Priest of Mithras. While proceeding through the seven steps of training as a Priest of Mithras, Hipparkhos witnesses the rape of his intended bride so he flees into the desert and wanders lost until Seleukos takes him to Seleukia where he trains as an Astronomer. When Seleukia falls in war, Hipparkhos flees to Pergamon where he meets Krates the Librarian. Sailing to the island of Rhodos, Hipparkhos sees the fallen Colossus, then obtains a job teaching philosophy to the end of his days. Astrolabe Of Hipparkhos has 3,614 lines of blank verse.


Philodemos - $6.99

Hedonism Of Philodemos - Philodemos studies philosophy with Antiokhos who takes him to Athens where he studies at the Akademia of Platon with Philon. When Sulla attacks Athens, he commissions Philodemos to escort the library of Aristoteles to Roma. Philodemos meets Volupta and they sail to Sicilia Island, but when he defends a man against a priest of Iupiter, he is accused of atheism and forced to leave. Returning to Roma, Philodemos edits the manuscripts of Aristoteles. Philodemos finds the Epicureaneum where he studies Atomism, then explores Mount Vesuvius where he meets Saturnus and Sibylla. Returning to the Epicureaneum, Philodemus meets the young Piso, future father-in-law of Caesar, who commissions him to start a library at his estate at Herculaneum. While managing the library, Philodemus meets Lucretius, Vergilius, and Horatius, training all three poets in the art of poetry to the end of his days. Hedonism Of Philodemos has 13,154 lines of blank verse.


Lucretius - $7.99

Swerve Of Lucretius - Lucretius studies augury with his uncle but is skeptical about its value, so he escapes the family garden to explore the world. At the Veneralia he meets a girl and falls in love with her, then he frees a man imprisoned in a tree. Attending school at the Temple of Feronia, Lucretius meets Gaius Memmius and they discuss philosophy. They meet Sulla at the Temple of Saturnus, work on editing the works of Aristoteles at the Tabularium, attend the wedding of Memmius, visit the Sibylla of Cumae, then explore Mount Vesuvius. After returning home, Lucretius defends the homeland against Spartacus in the Third Servile War. After they defeat the rebel army, Lucretius travels to Herculaneum where he meets Democritus. Lucretius falls in love with his daughter and, inspired by her as Venus, he composes his didactic poem about the Nature of Things. Taking Venus to Mount Vesuvius, Lucretius builds a pair of wings and tries to fly like Icarus. Swerve of Lucretius has 15,446 lines of blank verse.

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